Why Website Maintenance is Critical for Your Websites Security

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Why Website Maintenance is Critical for Your Websites Security

Your website is the portal for so many aspects of your business, from communication and engagement with your customers, to being a platform for news and information that supports your overall company vision. You put a lot of effort into the graphic design, website security, content, and overall presentation of your website, but how much attention do you give to the ongoing maintenance that is required?

Website maintenance is absolutely essential to giving your site the best website security tools, updates to combat DDOS attacks, and more. Because so many companies end up neglecting their website maintenance, in this post we’re explaining why website maintenance is so critical for your websites security.

The New Digital Battleground

With the rise of ecommerce and the convenience that is afforded to internet users, hackers and data thieves have devised ways to commit online fraud, which can take many different forms. Because of this new landscape of online threats, there is no safe place online unless you are armed with the best website security.

The reasons for routine website maintenance are numerous, so we’ve distilled them down to the most important ones. They are:

  • Hackers and thieves are always coming up with new ways to steal data and hack sites. It is recommended that your website be regularly maintained to ward against the constantly improved techniques that criminals use to compromise websites. These attacks aren’t always obvious, and it only takes a single oversight in website security to allow the bad guys to get what they want.
  • New tools and defense methods are also constantly being developed. It’s estimated that a new virus or security breach vulnerability is discovered every 60 minutes. These issues need to be identified, analysed, and incorporated into websites quickly, and thankfully there are top-of-the-line tools available to you – tools that can truly provide you with the best website security.
  • A single security breach or data leak could completely devastate your company. This is not an exaggeration – flaws in website security can cost companies millions, and in some cases, their very livelihoods are put at risk. Don’t become a statistic just because you chose to neglect your website security for a few too many months. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
  • The best website security modifications are mostly easy, simple changes to make. With only a few rare exceptions, defending your website and online assets from threats is a relatively straightforward task. Once you have a professional working for you who can identify areas where your site is vulnerable, the task becomes even easier.

Remember that wherever you have sensitive data stored online, whether it be on a cloud-based server or behind a firewall somewhere locally, it needs to be routinely evaluated for its currency in the face of ongoing online threats. Insiteful can help bring you up to speed by providing the best website security services in the form of ongoing maintenance for your website.

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