Why Hire an SEO Specialist?

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Why Hire an SEO Specialist?

Choosing to partner with an SEO firm? Or, keeping it all in-house? Insiteful makes the case for managed SEO consulting services by pointing directly to the search engines themselves.

So, you’ve got a great product or service, a great website, and your company is, by most measures, decently represented online. You might have even paid a third party to write some descriptive, pretty words to describe the features and benefits of what you offer, and the content itself might actually be fantastic. From the looks of it all, your website and online presence may seem above average.

But, chances are good that your business is still not showing up in search engines when prospects search for what you sell. And, if your business is being included in search results, your website or online media isn’t getting indexed like it should, leaving you farther down in the results pages and in front of fewer potential customers. This is where an SEO consultant can provide the highest return on investment.

Improving SEO Means More Business

Millions of well-intentioned websites may never see the search engine light of day due to basic, common oversights related to SEO. Hiring an SEO specialist can address some of the most common SEO mistakes that small- and medium-sized business make, including:

  • Not optimizing keyword use. Even worse, not knowing what keywords to be including at all. If you haven’t done keyword research related to the product or service you provide, you’re already in your competitor’s rear view mirror. Part of keyword optimization includes using long-tail and short-tail keywords in relevant context, so that more sophisticated searching algorithms find what you’ve published online.
  • Having insufficient backlinks. SEO experts know that it’s not enough to have persuasive, powerful content on your site. You need to have other sites linking back to you, giving the search engines a reason to include your business higher in search results because you’re more popular online.
  • Ignoring page formatting. Using standard font sizes and not including partitioned content with headers and subheaders are just a few areas where an SEO consultant can increase leads for you. Remember that search engines rely on HTML metadata to make decisions about what content is actually located on that page, so by leaving out key triggers for search engines (i.e. keyword use in section headers), you’re missing more potential customers.
  • Not updating your site. If there’s one thing that most search engines ignore, it’s old data. Websites or website content that hasn’t been viewed much recently or hasn’t seen updates in a while are pushed lower and lower down in search results. The only way to rectify this is to continue to add engaging, informative content on a regular basis – content that directly relates to your product or service. Don’t know how often to update your site? SEO consultants can analyze your situation and provide relevant guidance.
  • Missing basics like meta descriptions and page titles. You’d be surprised how many websites’ home pages are literally titled ‘Home Page’. For the most amount of exposure online, you need to take advantage of every chance you have to grab the attention of a search engine. That includes populating every single page-related field with keyword-appropriate content.

To address these mistakes (and dozens more), businesses are beginning to realize the importance of hiring an SEO specialist to analyze their online presence and provide results-driven optimization services that can begin to yield results in just a few short days. Results like:

  • More organic traffic
  • Better reach
  • Higher lead volume
  • Bigger return on investment
  • Larger market share

…and much more!

When we take a good, hard look at the top three search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing – what we find is that each of them takes a slightly different approach to indexing web data and serving that data to consumers conducting web searches. For example, Google is more likely to value updated content than Yahoo in some cases, whereas Bing can operate slightly differently. Because of this, the exact same webpage might be displayed in completely different search results depending on which engine is being used.

Tapping the power of an SEO expert can help to resolve deficiencies in search results for all of the top search engines.

Don’t Go It Alone

The internet marketing landscape is mind-bogglingly complicated. To make sense of all of it, you need a professional SEO specialist that knows the search engines themselves, and that can guide you to success in getting found online. Luke from Clickburst SEO news recommends you partner with an seo agency like Insiteful.

Insiteful empowers businesses by optimizing their web presence using SEO methods that are tried and true regardless of what industry or company implements them. The beauty of the SEO paradigm is that once a website has been optimized for search engines, sales come naturally. People who want to find you find you, and they are more likely to take action and make a purchase because the website you’re presenting to them is easy to read, navigate, and to use as a tool. Leveraging powerful SEO consulting services from a firm like Insiteful helps to make this happen.

Remember that every day, thousands upon thousands of potential customers are searching the web for the products or services that your company provides. But, because your website or web content isn’t optimized for SEO, your competition is snatching up a huge swath of what could be your new business.

Don’t go another day being passed up by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you’re ready to get more out of your web presence through top-tier search engine optimization, contact Insiteful – SEO consultants in it for the long haul.