What’s New in Digital Marketing for 2018?

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What's New in Digital Marketing 2018? Getting Ahead of the Game

Whats New in Digital Marketing for 2018? As we officially make the move into 2018, it’s fair to say that we’re going to see a lot of changes in many different industries. The technology world is becoming increasingly complex, customer service has become the key to brand differentiation, and digital marketing is more strategic than ever.

While you don’t necessarily have to jump on the bandwagon with every trend to stay ahead in the digital marketing world, you do need a solid understanding of what’s happening in the industry if you want to make sure that your campaigns don’t become outdated, and unprofessional. Here are just 5 things we think you should watch in 2018.

1.     Brands Will Hit Play on Video

There are few things more compelling on social media than great video content. YouTube viewers watch an average of a billion hours of video every day, and 82% of Twitter view video on the platform. If you’re not already investing in visual content, now might be the perfect time to reconsider your options.

Live video marketing can help you to generate more trust from your customers by showing your “authentic” side, while a truly innovative product video can help your customers understand what your value truly is.

2.     We’ll Learn More About Our Customers

In 2017, many marketing experts began to gather crucial data about their customers, from browsing habits to content preferences. This allowed for the creation of stronger buyer personas and behavioural marketing strategies that ensured every message was customised to the right person. In 2018, we’re going to see even more data entering the marketing space as AI and new technologies make it easier to capture information.

Since customers are more loyal to businesses who are willing to take extra steps to personalise their messages, it only makes sense that more companies will start to build out their user personas.

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3.     LinkedIn Grows More Popular

Some social media platforms were more successful than others in 2017. Twitter lost a host of happy customers last year, even though it tried to expand its reach by updating it’s standard 140-character count to 280 characters per post.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has made many huge improvements to their platform, presenting a better user interface, and a stronger marketing opportunity for B2C and B2B brands alike. It could be that LinkedIn starts to rise ahead of other channels like Twitter in the quest for customer engagement.

4.     Brands Continue to Invest in Influencers

Plenty of companies have been investing in influencer marketing in recent years to boost their social media KPIs. According to experts, this trend will continue through 2018, although there’s a good chance that the focus will be less on “celebrity” influencers, and more on micro influencers like customer and employee advocates.

5.     We’ll All Be Telling More Stories

Finally, whether it’s telling the tale of your brand on your “about” page or sharing information about a new product update on social media, we’ll all be looking more at stories in this year. The changes in numerous social channels are a great example of this shift, as Instagram have created their own “stories” section, and YouTube designed a similar format called “reels”.

As customer experience continues to be the main differentiator for modern companies, the stories you tell each day are the tools that you can use to build the connections between your clients, and your brand.