Top Strategies in eCommerce

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Below are some of my Top Strategies in eCommerce that I’ve used in my own eCommerce businesses & clients eCommerce business over the last 10 years. If you implement them well, you’ll have an eCommerce business doing 2-3 million inside of a year. If you can scale the tips, you’ll have a 10 million+ business.

  1. Become the authority in your industry for the products you sell.
  2. Send out an ‘at-cost’ / ‘to-good-to-refuse’ product newsletter to existing clients that are sitting in your list at least once a week.
  3. Post this same offer to sites such as ozbargain, & the thousands of other ‘coupon / deal’ based sites out there globally.
  4. Implement a sound Adwords strategy. Find keywords that at least generate you ‘at-cost sales’, and once you get those customers buying 2, 3, 4 times, this will obviously generate a positive return. It’s not hard to do Adwords profitably.
  5. Run Google Shopping Ads (PLA).
  6. Run a gamification contest. Get customers to refer their friends to your contest, which gives them more points in your content, etc. This is great list building tool & there are lots of tools available,
  7. Get the owner of the store to become active on community forums. They need to be seen as the expert and the ‘go to’ destination in what they do. There are forums in Australia for just about every topic.
    * Whirlpool. * OCAU. * Vogue. * Car Forums. Etc
  8. Create a knowledge based eco-system around the business. This could be a forum, a Facebook group, an offline group, a meet up group, even a blog.
  9. Make sure your technical architecture is up to scratch. Your site needs to be fast, always up, and mobile friendly. And it is one of the most successful e commerce strategies.
  10. Make sure the site is properly SEO optimized (I find very few people, even so called ‘experts’ who know how to do this).
    * Your site must be mobile friendly which is one of the most important ecommerce marketing strategy.
    * Make sure you have your sitemaps submitted.
    * Make sure every single page on your site, is using appropriate & unique h1, h2, & meta tags.
  11. Setup an eBay store. If you are using something like Magento, use m2epro to power your store. If your margins are not ‘thick’ enough to run an eBay store. Up your eBay prices and use it as a traffic generating source. This is fantastic.
  12. Engage Facebook groups and once you have established trust, do a JV with the admins so you can offer members deals.
    * Some Facebook groups have hundreds of thousands of members. If you can work out a great JV/Affiliate offer to the admin, this alone will generate you millions a year.
  13. Don’t use a crap eCommerce platform that is not built to scale. Pro tip: Most are crap. WordPress + WooCommerce is ok to start out with. Magento is another great option but a decent site will set you back $10k.
  14. Write quality articles, every single day. By quality I mean 1000+ words, including lists, images, stuff that is going to get shared.
    * Can’t write articles yourself? Pay someone to write them for you. You can get a 1000 word article written for like $15.
  15. Release Press Releases on new & exciting products your store is about to launch.
    * If you want to really crank this up. Import products that are hugely successful via Kickstarter campaigns. Speak to the founders, tell them you want to sell their product in Australia, start building your potential audience. This is gold.
  16. Facebook: Don’t waste your time with “likes”. You want people that engage with you and are interested in what you post. You want to build a proper community on Facebook; where your community is active – not passive.
  17. Make sure your site is safe, secure, uses HTTPS, etc. Be sure to check security warnings in webmaster tools often. Fix them!
  18. Run the best SITE SEARCH you can afford. They range from free to $millions. Use the best.
  19. Setup a YouTube channel and post videos showing product demos. Ask customers to submit their own reviews & pay for these reviews.
  20. Implement a review system to collect reviews from every customer that does a transaction with you.
  21. Survey old customers, and ask what you are doing wrong. Fix those issues.
  22. Have open days, or ‘open house’ events as I use to call them. We’d have a Friday bbq and invite all of our customers.

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