The Ultimate 7 Step Guide to A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

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Believe it or not, implementing digital marketing without a strategic approach isn’t too uncommon.

We often come across brands that have worked with agencies to have great instagram posts, awesome facebook engagement but when it came to conversions and sales it fell short.

Being strategic means creating a structured roadmap to get the desired results your business needs. Every single marketing action should be informed and based on insights.

1. Figure out your branding – your purpose – your why

Having a clear brand story and voice is essential to brand communication, and ultimately, your content and overall marketing strategy.

For many, the brands they associate or advocate are what they perceive to be extensions of their own personality, uniqueness and style.

Will your brand “speak” to its followers via Facebook or LinkedIn, or both? What words would you use for your Google AdWords? These questions are easy to answer once you understand clearly what your business brand is about.

2. Build your ideal customer audience

Basic marketing, even basic business; you need to understand who your customer is, and not just through your own assumptions.

Building brand awareness and attracting visits to your digital assets is now a necessity: SEO, AdWords, Facebook ads, Backlinks.

3. Create a user journey map

Good user experience = the Holy Grail of digital and business in 2018 and beyond.

A well-executed website design considers experience is paramount, flow and content; and marries them all to create an invisible and enjoyable experience. Factors all businesses should consider when building their journey map include:

* Where does your user first meet your brand, whether online or offline?

* What brand touch-points help the user make a decision about your product or service?

* What pain points do they encounter?

* What makes them leave and what makes them return?

4. Identify the most impactful channels for your product or service

How to turn people from being window-shoppers into actual buyers?

First, select the channels you’ll be using based on your target audience and business goals.

Then Personalisation of all communications via user groups. Set up welcome and abandon emails. Send segmented lifecycle emails and roll out paid media retargeting. This should be applied across all touch-points.

5. Connect emotionally

Making your customer love your brand, so much so that they’d stick with you through thick and thin, go where you go, trust what you say – that takes real commitment.

It is important to note that every brand asset clearly communicates followers the same brand values and beliefs; from blog content to social media.

Brand identity and values must be well defined and expressed to all potential customers. Reviews in the form of testimonials and case studies are a great way to convert an unsure customer, as well as Google star rankings and facebook followers.

6. Develop a content strategy

A content strategy outlines all your chosen content channels, your target audiences and content types. To make sure the content itself is up to par, check that it’s:

* Findable (a light dusting of SEO magic)

* Readable (break up the content into bullet points or numbered lists)

* Understandable (write for humans, respect your readers, have personality)

* Actionable (include the all-important)

7. Integrate, measure, analyse, improve

Setting up analytics and realistic KPIs. Quick but effective weekly performance reviews should be conducted, and any weaknesses addressed promptly.

…And repeat …….. and repeat. It’s an ongoing process. Map out your strategy for the next 12 months and have regular check-ins to ensure the health of your strategy. Track and measure everything, make improvements as you see fit, prepare content at least a month in advance, stick to your content calendar.

Ultimately, your strategy is a list of actions that is meant to get you closer to your goal, so as long as you keep your eye on the prize, you’ll do great.

Hope this helps!

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