LinkedIn Management

Where the decision makers you have been trying to get in front of are looking to do business.

Establish Trust and Credibility

LinkedIn members are willing to pay almost twice as much for brands they trust.

The Right Conversations with the Right People

LinkedIn members are 50% more likely to engage in conversation on LinkedIn then anywhere else.

Buying Power

LinkedIn has the highest consumer buying power index of all social networks.

Perfect Targeting

Perfect targeting shows ads only to those who are interested in your product or service. Based on the information from their profile you can target by business type, occupation or title, gender, age as well as special interests.

Pay Only for the Results You Want

LinkedIns’ pay-per-click function means you only pay for the people who actually engage in your advertisement. Which is a great way to save on your business advertising. There is also an option for payment per impression for those products with a wider audience.

The Possibilities are Endless

There are nine different varieties of LinkedIn ads that differ in shape, positioning and purpose. The possibilities are endless from options for the positioning, form and content of the ad. You are also able to use a complete range of mediums from videos, to content, to slide shows.

Status Updates

Keep in touch with all our business network using status updates, brief statements you feel your connections will find useful. They can include images and links to related content on your website.


Wish that lead you are after saw that great article about your business. LinkedIn allows you to easily publish articles to your profile. This is a great way to establish yourself as a powerful and influential player in your industry.


How much easier would making sales be if your leads already trusted you before you even said hello. Video is a great way to allow potential clients to understand you and your business before moving into a sales cycle.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Actions speak louder than words. A collection of glowing recommendations that portray your expertise and experience will significantly enhance your credibility in your chosen niche.

Slide Shows

Launching a new product or having a promotion. You can let your target market see all the benefits by creating a slideshow advertisement.

Skills, Qualifications and Specialties

If you have successful projects you want to highlight, LinkedIn allows you to post your projects including a description, link and the team members you worked with.

Become an Industry Expert

Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to become a teacher or influencer in your industry. Post educational status updates, industry news and actively participate in LinkedIn group discussions to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader.

Keep Your Connections Current

Whenever you meet someone, connect with them on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to expand your influence and keep connections up to speed on everything that is happening in your business.

Warm Up Cold Leads

If there is a prospect you want to reach, find them on LinkedIn and see how close you are connected to them. If you have an active profile in your target industry, you are most likely only two or three connections away from the prospect. Use LinkedIn’s introduction features to ask one of your connections for an introduction.

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