Important Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Services

By August 14, 2018 No Comments

No matter is you have a product or service, if you do business online or in a store front, in 2018 you need an online presence. There are hundreds of reasons why this is so. Today we are going to outlay 5 of the basic ones.

1# You want more credibility – Often clients contact us here at Insiteful with sites that are getting the traffic, but customers are taking one look at their website and investing with their competitors. Simple things such as a clean professional layout, high resolution photos and simple fonts. Can make a world of difference to website conversions.

2# You want more visibility – You might have the best product or service, the best value and price, but without a really top online strategy. You are invisible. The job of a good digital marketer is to make the people who are looking for you, able to find you…. Not exactly rocket science

3# You want more business – Maybe you want more leads, maybe you want better quality leads, maybe bigger sales. Then you need digital marketing services for better lead generation. Digital Marketing has one of the best return on investments in comparison to any other advertising medium.

You can tailor your leads specifically to the type of clients you want to work with and the ability to record the effectiveness of each initiative is second to none.

4# You want more trust – An influential website is a must. I can’t believe what reputable businesses are running on such shabby websites. In the world on 2018. Having a good looking website, is as important, I would even say more important, than a shop front.

For example; looking at doctors surgeries, are you going to choose the clean looking website, with correct spelling or the hippy, with word art titles, who’s website looks like it was created in 2004… I may be exaggerating here but not by much.

5# You want experts you can rely on – Unfortunately in our industry of digital marketing, you are swimming in a bit of a shark tank. Especially if you, yourself are not sure of the industry pitfalls. These sharks can come at you from all different directions, offering unachievable things at crazy prices (one client came to me recently with a quote for a competing agency for a simple website at a fee larger than a Melbourne house deposit).

To find out more about what to look out for in a marketing scam have a read of our piece – Top 5 SEO Scans and How to Avoid Being Burnt by them. If you have any questions about either piece or would like some sound advice on digital marketing, feel free to contact us on drift, email or phone. One of our team members will be happy to help you anyway we can.

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