How to Be Low-Tech in The Melbourne Digital Marketing Space?

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How to Be Low-Tech in The Melbourne Digital Marketing Space?

Does your job make you feel like a slave to technology? – Paul Warren Director of Insiteful Marketing a leading Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency is now leading a low Technology Revolution.

By following the attitude of ‘using technology smartly to spend more time living’ Paul Warren has made an effective choice to use only platforms that are going to benefit his business and his life.

Although working in the high-tech business world. Paul has opted to minimise his involvement in technology such as limited checking of his phone, streamlining social media based behaviour and has found both his business and personal life has benefitted.

I greatly enjoy the business I am in and many aspects of this space, I am motivated by recruiting teams of the best marketing people globally and delivering high quality custom work to our clients. As far as social media is concerned I have deleted the Instagram application, I do not use snapchat or many other apps (besides crypto my weakness) I keep my Facebook to mainly friends and a few close business colleagues. I also use facebook to keep an eye on some of my clients Facebook pages as it links in with not just their creditability but impacts on our SEO work. All my business in the Digital Marketing agencies melbourne Space embraces technology.

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The Birth of technology was about transparency and connection, it was about research and information access for all, it was to make the globe smaller. What was once a platform that empowered us in lots of ways has become something that stresses us and something we can no longer function without.

My recommendation to all Melbourne based entrepreneurs is that what I am saying is much easier said than done, but be selective about how you are using technology in your business and in your personal life. Use technology to allow you to spend more time living.