Hiring a Marketing Manager: The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know

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Marketing is crucial for any business.

No matter how incredible your product or service might be, no-one will just walk into your office and ask to buy what you’re selling unless they know what you do, who you are, and what kind of benefits you can deliver.

Marketing is all about communicating your value to a target audience. Without innovative and measurable methods of promotion, there’s no way your organisation can grow. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t as simple as it seems.

Many companies assume that they can launch a PPC campaign or publish a few blogs and they’ll start seeing results. Unfortunately, the truth is that marketing is a careful blend of art and science, and the rules are continually changing. In one survey, 76% of marketers agreed that advertising had changed more in the last 2 years than in the previous 50.

In this complex environment, the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to get the right support.

What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

A marketing manager is your method of simplifying the often-over-complicated world of promotion. These experts work with you to get to know your business, audience and competitive landscape so that they can produce a targeted strategy for brand awareness and exposure.

A marketing manager doesn’t just implement advertising strategies for their client. Instead, these professionals use industry knowledge, expertise and exceptional skill to suggest policies, support the creation of engaging media, and track the success of each campaign. Marketing managers can help with:

• PPC and paid advertising
• Social media marketing
• Email newsletters
• Collateral development and production
• Content creation
• Brand awareness and reputation management
• Print media creation
• PR and press support
• Sponsorship and event planning
• SEO and keyword research
• Website development
• Metric discovery and data analytics

…and more.

So, how can companies choose the right marketing manager for their needs?

What to Look for In a Marketing Manager

The best marketing manager for your business will be someone who can understand your organisation and the unique goals you’re trying to accomplish. No two campaigns are the same, and the right marketing manager will treat every client as an individual, getting to know their unique expectations, before delivering the solution that’s best-suited to them. Just some of the characteristics you should look for in your marketing manager include:

• Operational agility: In today’s digitally-transforming environment, exceptional marketing managers must be one step ahead of the curve. These professionals know when businesses need to stand by a strategy, and when they should pivot to respond to new information. As customer opinion and business trends continue to evolve at a break-neck speed, the ideal marketing manager can assess situations with care and offer advice that benefits your brand.

• Digital literacy: Excellent marketing managers also understand the ever-changing marketing environment and how it affects their client. They’ll know when you need to embrace a new social media profile or ignore a trend because it simply doesn’t work with the image you’re trying to create. Marketing managers are aware of all the opportunities available in your promotional landscape, and they know how you can use each method to your advantage.

• Exceptional communication skills: Marketing is all about communication. For any promotional strategy to succeed, your marketing manager needs to know how to speak to your target audience. The right consultant will not only be able to talk your customer’s language, but they’ll also be able to explain why certain strategies are important to your employees too. Look for someone who you feel comfortable speaking to, as well as a marketing manager who seems confident in what they’re saying to you.

Remember, a great marketing manager should also be able to prove their value to you.

There are countless marketing professionals out there who claim they can deliver the world. However, the best people to have on your team are those who can show you the impact of their work through regular reporting and analytics.

Exceptional marketing managers can show you how each campaign affects your bottom line and business goals.

Whether that means helping you to track the new followers on your social media accounts, or showing you how you rank for specific keywords, a great marketing manager doesn’t shy away from the facts.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Marketing Manager

The decision to hire a marketing manager won’t necessarily be right for everyone.

After all, working with an industry specialist means paying for their expertise. Just like you, a marketing manager has a business to run, and they know that if they’re good at something, they shouldn’t do it for free. Ultimately, if you want to tap into the benefits that a marketing manager has to offer, then you’ll need to be able to pay their price, and that’s something that some smaller or budget-conscious companies can’t afford.

At the same time, some marketing managers have a habit of taking on too many clients at once. This means that their time is so divided between multiple companies, that they can’t give any single brand the attention they deserve. Some studies show that SEO specialists in larger agencies can handle as many as 17 accounts at a time.

The good news is that the cons of hiring a marketing manager can often be balanced out by hiring the right professional. A good agency knows how to manage their priorities and support their clients fully. What’s more, there are even agencies out there that can offer packages specifically designed to suit your budget.

Though there are cons to working with marketing managers, the pros are much more significant. For instance, you’ll get access to:

• Specialist expertise: Your marketing manager will understand your audience, industry, and marketing environment better than anyone in your team. This means that you don’t have to waste time trying to stay up to date with the latest changes in consumer preferences, or the new Google algorithm updates.

• Experience: Marketing managers are proven specialists in their field. They’ve delivered success to countless companies just like you, which means you know you’re going to get real, measurable results.

• Objective insights: While the people on your team are most concerned with keeping the boss happy, your marketing manager is there to help you reach your goals – and that means being honest. They’ll give you a new perspective on issues that you’ve been facing and help you to overcome the roadblocks that have been preventing you from achieving next-level success.

• Money-saving opportunities: While you will have to pay for your marketing manager’s services, these experts often pay for themselves by helping you to save money. After all, your marketing manager can let you know where you’re wasting your marketing budget, and where you need to spend more to get a significant ROI (Return on Investment).

• Productivity: When you hire a marketing manager from outside of your team, you get instant productivity. According to one report, the average employee takes around 6.2 months to reach 100% productivity. Your outsourced marketing manager gets to know your company fast and hits the ground running with your campaigns.

Ditch the DIY Approach

Many business owners and entrepreneurs still believe that the only way to thrive is to do everything for themselves. However, the truth is that sometimes you need the support of a specialist if you want to accomplish something incredible.

Insiteful is a combination agency and marketing management company, capable of providing your business with the guidance it needs to excel in any industry. Our CEO can visit your office one day a week, keeping your overhead expenses to a minimum, and deliver cost-effective growth that you can both see, and measure.

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