E-Commerce and Gifting Valuable Content

By January 29, 2019 No Comments


One of the biggest mistakes that we see companies doing on the quest for bigger sales, is trying to get the sale before they’ve built any kind of rapport with their customer.

Instead of warming up leads by educating or offering value many companies try to go straight for the sale.

However, as we’ve discovered over the years, great ongoing results only come after trust and loyalty have been established. Helping your potential clients or offering something free of value is a great way to convince your customers that they can trust you. With the gift of high-quality content and targeted campaigns, and you’ll build relationships that will sustain your company for years to come.

At Insiteful we often refer to these high value gifts as “content magnets”. The magnet attracts people to your business by giving them something that they want for free/in exchange for email address or phone number. It’s a nice, soft approach with both parties winning. Your customer gets a great piece of valuable content, and you get another person to add to your sales funnel.

There are countless different kinds of lead magnet out there, from eBooks to webinars, to health tips – but our favorite option is the case study.

A case study is both a lead magnet offering valuable information to your audience – and a piece of social proof. You’re showing your audience that you’ve solved problems similar to theirs in the past. What could be a better way to prove that you’re the answer to their prayers?

All you need to do is convert some information about your last interaction with a client into a compelling story for your future.