Business Karma – What Goes Around Comes Around

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Business Karma – What Goes Around Comes Around

After 20 years of business, a lesson which I see time and time again, what goes around comes around. Contrary to what the Donald Trumps of the world believe the pathway to success is based on how many people you have beaten to get there.

It is a common attitude, that we can only succeed by exploiting others and trying to get as much as we can for our own gain. In the end this attitude will only be detrimental to any business. As what goes around comes back again.


  • Do the wrong thing by your customers and they’ll ditch you as soon as an alternative comes along.
  • Do the wrong thing by your competition and they’ll try whatever they can to cut you down.
  • Do the wrong thing by your employees and they won’t provide you with honesty and loyalty.

And don’t justify bad behaviour by the “But everyone else is doing it” Like a body builder caught for being the ONLY ONE taking steroids. If you have been stuffed around by someone else. Don’t stuff around the people you work with. Do onto others as you want onto you – In the world of social media and online reviews, there is nowhere to hide bad behaviour.

What you give is what you get back….Here are some business networking tips and these are one of the effective networking strategies

  • Create a Karma Business Network  (as Computer network is one of the most efficient network nowadays)- Make a positive impact on everyone you meet, become a networking giver – create circles of influence, whenever an opportunity to introduce two people for purely their benefit arise jump on it.
  • Be your best self – Stop complaining, bitching, putting bad energy into the world.
  • Turn your problems into blessings – Any problems minor or major are a signal that something is not right. It’s great that you have had this wake up call. Now it’s time to get things right and do things better.

Business and Networking

The basic rule I try to give the business word and I recommend to anyone is what you want for yourself give to someone else.

  • If you want more leads – create a lead for someone else in your own network
  • If you want people to be honest payers – be an honest payer yourself
  • If you want your business to grow and prosper – take someone under your wing to help develop

With this in mind, if there is anything you feel I can do to help you or anyone in your network with. I’m here to be of service.