B2B Social Media Marketing: All You Need To Know

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B2B Social Media Marketing: All You Need To Know

Social media has always and continues to be a vital marketing playing field for B2B companies. 

Brands like Qantas, Woolworths, Coles, St. George, and Telstra are all leveraging social media through the B2C segment and making huge profits. 

In this information age of e-commerce and social media, several companies Slack and Kickstarter have gained success with social media marketing. They continue to grow by tapping into the major social platforms to gain more customers. 

But can a B2B business tap into the world of social media and grow as much as a B2C business? The answer is yes!

As marketing guru, Seth Godin says, “The only way to consistently grow into B2B is to be better than good.”


A Lack of Social Media Awareness

The problem faced by many B2B companies is the lack of awareness about social media and the potential benefits it can bring for their businesses. These companies tend to ignore social media marketing, thinking that it has nothing to add to their marketing strategy.

Without the right staff to run and manage campaigns, such companies do not stand a chance against competitors that are already growing and promoting their business through social media. 

A B2B company has as much a chance of success as a B2C business. However, to see results, companies need to ramp up their social media marketing strategies and stop relying solely on offline marketing like TV adverts, networking events, expos, and billboards.

A global survey of 115 marketing experts working in B2B companies found that 79% of experts believed social media to be the most effective marketing technique. Also, 38% of the workers said if they had extra funds, they would invest it in B2B social media marketing.


How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

While there is no doubt social media is an effective marketing strategy, it has to be done creatively to achieve high returns on investments.

So what B2B social media marketing strategies are best to get your company online presence on course? Read on to learn more. 


Define Your Marketing Objectives

What does your company want to achieve through social media marketing? 

Setting marketing goals that are smart and measurable, not forgetting your plan to achieve them is one way to grow your business. Here are some of the objectives you may consider for your B2B marketing company:


  • Generate targeted leads
  • Build your brand
  • Increase customer service delivery


Identify Your Target Audience

Social media is a diverse marketing channel, and not everyone will find interest in your content. 

Hence the more reason to reach out to a general audience interested in what your business is offering. Being in the B2B segment helps you build followers, create real authority, and carve out a positive band in your niche.

Once you identify your target audience, and you have managed to build a relationship with an interested audience, your updates will get you more exposure and shares.


Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Every social network works differently. 

Unlike B2C businesses which deal with consumers directly, your B2B company dealings are with other companies and businesses. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right channel for your B2B marketing strategy. 

Many B2B marketers have tested and analysed different social media platforms to see what works for their brand and what does not.

Between Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, for instance, Facebook may be a more viable option at the start for B2B marketing. 

Even though LinkedIn is purely a B2B channel, Facebook has more than two billion monthly subscribers, and the ads are cheaper, which means that there’s a high chance of getting more clicks and shares from your audience. 


Do you need help with your B2B social media marketing?

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