10 Benefits of SEO and Why Every Business Needs It

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10 Benefits of SEO and Why Every Business Needs It

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

We can never put enough emphasis on the benefits that SEO has for your business. 

SEO is the Search Engine Optimisation process that serves to boost your website’s rankings on leading search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher your website ranks, the more organic traffic you receive, and the more your products and services gain exposure. 

If you’ve heard of SEO and are not sure of how your business can benefit from the process, well, it’s time to find out!


SEO Gets You Noticed!


There are over 2billion people online, and 93% start their search for content on search engines. 

With 3.5billion searches performed per day, thousands if not millions of people can reach your products or services if you utilise SEO properly. 

Billions of customers use search engines daily, and without SEO, you risk drowning in a sea of content. As more customers visit your site, and your authority rises with search engines, your site’s ranking increases and your content is more likely to be found.


SEO Pulls-In Quality Traffic


It’s not enough that people are visiting your website; you also need customers that take action or stay engaged and seek solutions to their queries on your website. Chances are you already have what they’re looking for, so SEO allows you to keep them on your site longer and eventually solve their problem or purchase that product.


SEO Converts Traffic into Leads and Sales


SEO traffic has the highest conversion rates for most websites. 

With a good SEO strategy, which includes optimising your site for search engines, you can attract traffic, which turns a high percentage of potential visitors into leads and customers. 


SEO is Affordable Marketing 


SEO is much more affordable compared to other forms of digital advertising. 

The only costs for SEO are hiring an SEO marketing firm or a contractor to do the work as you reap the benefits. The good thing though, is that you’ll get your money back in good time, so the return on investment is high.

Organic SEO rankings receive more clicks than paid ads. Many users tend to skip paid advertisements because they trust Google’s algorithm more. We recommend investing in SEO marketing to increase traffic and sales.


With SEO, You Build Trust, Credibility, and Brand Awareness


Every day, people search on search engines because they trust them. The content that ranks highly on any given search engine is likely to attract more visitors. Research shows that 37% of search engine clicks are on the first page of organic rankings.

By increasing your SEO ranking, you automatically increase your business’ credibility, brand awareness, and customer attribution.  

Your website’s visitors may not be ready to purchase the first visit, but when they are, you’ll automatically be their first destination. 


SEO Can Boost Your Offline Business


After performing a local search, there is a high tendency for customers to visit the physical store to purchase a product or service. For instance, if you run a flower shop, an internet user that keys in “Best Flower Shops in Melbourne” is probably looking to visit the store to purchase flowers or call the store to order a delivery. 

Customers will unlikely to go to the second page of a search engine when making their choice, so it helps that you rank highly in the SERPS to attract more customers.

Research shows that 81% of shoppers conduct their research online before going to a physical store, so the importance of SEO cannot underestimate.


SEO Ensures That Your Website is Mobile-Friendly


SEO helps to improve the user experience on your website because search engines have included the mobile-friendliness of sites to mobile devices as a ranking factor.

The mobile-friendliness of a website has a significant impact on websites’ rankings because they determine how long visitors using a mobile device will spend on your site since a mobile-friendly site provides better user experience and more straightforward navigation.

If you want to make your website mobile-friendly, Insiteful can help you to get started. Get in touch today for a free consultation.  


SEO Increases Your Social Media Engagement


Just as SEO increases brand awareness on search engines, it also increases brand awareness and engagement on social media. 

High rankings on SERPS also require that you have decent links that lead from your social media to your website. This relationship is symbiotic because users that visit your site are more likely to click on your social media icons and eventually follow you on these platforms.


SEO Improves Your Website’s Speed


The speed with which your website takes to load can affect your rankings on various search engines. 

Did you know that a mere two-second delay in load time can cost you approximately 4.3% of sales? Website loading speed, which is an aspect of SEO, helps you to avoid customer frustration and to promote a hassle-free, smooth, and memorable user experience.


SEO is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy That Puts You Ahead


It probably took you long to hit page one of your favourite search engine, and you probably want things to remain that way! 

SEO is a slow burn, but also an effective long-term marketing strategy to attain optimal page rankings. Give yourself 6 – 8 months to hit optimal SERP rankings that will see you reap the rewards and stay ahead of the competition. 

Keep in mind, however, that search engines like Google keep changing or updating their algorithms and your competitors are also improving their SEO strategies.

Stay in the know to stay ahead of the competition and reap the rewards of a smart SEO strategy.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of SEO are endless; long term organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and better user experiences are but a few of the most significant benefits that you can enjoy when you effectively utilise SEO on your website. 

If you’d like to learn more, Insiteful is here to help you. We are digital marketing specialists who understand how to implement SEO to boost your brand and business. 

Call us today at 1300 467 483 or contact us to learn more about how we can help you.